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Bathtub Refinishing Tips You May Need To Know Before Refinishing Your Bathtub or Tile Enclosure.

The bathroom will be completely covered and masked, therefore, make sure to clear of all items such as bath rugs, shower curtains.toiletries.towels. shampoo and any personal hygiene products before the bathtub refinishing contractor arrives.

Repair any dripping faucets or damaged shower diverters before making the appointment to have your bathtub refinishing. Very important not to use the bathtub hours before the appointment to avoid dripping faucets

Have your bathtub has been refinished before. If so the old coat must be completely removed and stripped for the new coating being applied. This process is labor intensive and will take an additional 1 to 2 hours for the job.

Deep cleaning and etching are important steps in the bathtub refinishing preparation. It is needed to remove any trace of soap or bath/body oils that may remain so it would not interfere with the adhesion.

Masking and re-caulked your tub. Caulking should be removed prior to bathtub refinishing. You should get fresh caulking and re-caulking after refinishing, this will help locks in the new coating around the bathtubs perimeter.

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