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What is the best choice for your bathtub transformation?

Whether you’re taking care of small rust spots, or a huge mess, we’ll have a bathtub remodeling option available that fits your budget plan and life schedule.

This tub restoration choice has several names-- resurfacing, recoating, refinishing or reglazing -- but has a rather uncomplicated procedure. A professional begins by sanding down the tub’s surface, filling in any cracks as well as any worn areas, then applies a number of layers of primer and paint prior to doing a last buffing.

If your existing bathtub is already in good shape, but covered in small stain spots, scrapes or various other blemishes, reglazing is an excellent choice.

Pros: Reglazing is one of the most inexpensive tub restoring choices readily available, and would typically cost between $200-$650. Very fast, and only takes about a day to finish!

Bathtub Liners

Bath liners are essentially an acrylic replica of your existing tub, other than you can alter the color as well as the skirt design if you so desire. They are fairly easy to install, only needing to be permanently adhered to the top of the tub with a combination of two-sided tape and silicone acrylic.

Installment generally takes up to a day or two, but the entire procedure can take between one to two months considering that installers require photos and accurate dimensions of the area prior to molding a liner out of acrylic.

If your bathtub has seen far better days and reglazing simply won’t suffice, a liner may be the better choice for you. When the tub and surrounding area are too far gone with cracks or missing tiles, a complete relining is the way to go.

Pros: Installing a bath liner generally takes only up to a day or 2 to finish! If you intend to cover the surrounding walls as well, it may take a little bit longer.

A liner is the least intrusive choice and also relatively budget-friendly. You can also upgrade your tub to a shower in many cases.

Cons: Bathtub lining can be restricted in a variety of ways, and will not completely transform the appearance of your existing tub. Prices vary depending on the material you pick as well as the degree of modification (shelving and other accessories cost more). Generally, a tub liner can cost anywhere from $1,500-$4,000.

Bathtub Replacement

Whether your bathtub is just unpleasant or you simply want a new beginning, an overall tub replacement is also an alternative to take into consideration. Normally, this is one of the most time-intensive and costly choices, as it involves gutting your existing tub in order to install a brand new one.

This choice generally includes eliminating wall tile, which may lead to sheetrock and/or plaster repair work as well. Will it work for your tub?

If you have the time and money to dedicate to a bigger job like a complete makeover, it makes good sense to do so. Home owners that do not like the size, form, or placement of an existing tub have the opportunity to completely modify the area.

Pros: You are able to select the material of your tub, and can always opt for a more economical alternative, like fiberglass or acrylic. You can also completely change your existing bathtub!

Cons: Definitely one of the most costly tub remodelling choices, a brand-new tub can set you back anywhere between $300-$3000- plus labor. According to HomeAdviser, the typical expense price including the cost of labor and materials is $3,024.

The task can take up to a number of weeks or months if you go with a customized unit. If you just have one bathroom in your home, you’ll need to find an alternative showering/bathroom setup throughout construction.

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